What is Swedish massage and Its Health Benefits

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What is Swedish massage and Its Health Benefits

What is Swedish massage and Its Health Benefits

One of the most popular type of massage that people avail is the swedish massage bend or. If you are a first timer in a massage center or don’t usually get a massage that often; it is advisable that you start with swedish massage. It is widely known to provide the body and even the mind with a relaxing and soothing feeling. It is ideal for people who are stressed out or overworked.

Since Swedish massage is known to be the most famous type of bodywork performed today; one of its primary goals is to relax the entire body. This is done by massaging the muscles in a relaxing way; using long smooth strokes in the direction of blood going back to the heart.

However, swedish massage or, provides more than relaxation. It is also extremely helpful in raising the oxygen level in the blood; enhancing the circulation and mobility while reducing the body tension, and lastly reducing muscle toxins.

According to the studies that National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has conducted; it is found that the volunteers they have asked to participate were given a 45-minute Swedish massage.

As a result, they all experienced a remarkable level drop of stress hormone cortisol and arginine vasopressin; which is a hormone that can instigate the increase of cortisol. Another thing they found is that the volunteers had an increase of lymphocytes level, white blood, and immune cells; which is important in fighting colds and colds.

How is Swedish massage done?

A swedish massage bend or technique is done by applying circular pressure using the hands and palms, with a firm rub, tapping, bending and stretching. Moreover, It is important as well, that you create a conversation with your massage therapist before and while having the massage; thus ensuring that it is done according to your preferred needs.

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