What is Reflexology and its Benefits for the Body

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What is Reflexology and its Benefits for the Body

What is Reflexology and its Benefits for the Body

Reflexology is one of the most well-known kinds of massage bend or. In reflexology, the pressure is placed on certain reflex points on the hands and feet. These points represent body organs and places of the body. The massage therapeutic bend or is said to stimulate a healing reaction, even relieving some illness in the body.


What to look forward to during reflexology session

This therapeutic massage bend or usually lasts for about 30 minutes and up to 1 hour. Talk first with your reflexologist to go over with your health issues such as tension headaches, trouble sleeping, or irregular bowel movements.


Throughout the treatment, you’re either dressed and seated or lying down. The therapist will massage, press and squeeze points on your hands and feet. The therapist may also work in certain areas to reduce health problems. Example, if you are suffering from a sinus problem, she’ll then concentrate on your toes. The therapist may also work on the entire hand and foot to enhance your body system.


Benefits of Reflexology


Reflexology massage bend or is known to release the neural pathways and supply the nerve system with neurons that help the body feel more relaxed. Reflexology generates a calmness throughout your mind and body. With its relaxing sensation, reflexology can also be used to treat sleep conditions like insomnia and assist your body to regain its normal and healthy state.


Nerve Function Enhancement

When you grow older, the nerve endings become much less sensitive in the extreme parts of the body. Cleaning the neural pathways can help improve the performance and versatility of nerves and cells in the various organs in the body. They are incredibly helpful and important in keeping your body healthy and active.


Improves your memory.

Reflexology assists nerve stimulation and opens up the neural pathways, which helps the brain to process all kinds of facts and information that would result in much better intellectual and improves your memory.


Less Headaches

Another fantastic benefit of a reflexology is that it helps reduce the intensity of headaches and migraines. This works by alleviating the tension in the muscles which often lead to such conditions.


Boosts Metabolism

An effective reflexology session can enhance the performance of numerous body organs in your body in which results in a greater metabolism, thus supplying the body with more energy. If you have been feeling lethargic or need an increase in your energy, seek out a local massage therapist bend or  in your area.