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What I Do

My path to massage was not linear.  From the time I felt passionate and inspired to become a massage therapist to the time I became a Licensed Massage Therapist was a long uphill climb.  With each step I took, there was something further ahead that inspired and impassioned me. Thankfully I am still climbing, still learning, still ever-increasingly passionate about massage therapy and a healthy active lifestyle.

I have always enjoyed being active, growing up with gymnastics, dance team, softball, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, and riding horses.  Starting gymnastics at age four, stretching, moving, and challenging my body was the norm. Teenage years brought a change in activities but not the drive that pushed me to excel physically.  I was always interested in the physical body, specifically the muscles, since there is such a connection to my movement as an athlete.

My Training

Picture of Morgin Cupp

Picture of Morgin Cupp

I was born and raised near Portland, Oregon so it was a natural desire to stay close to home during massage school. My formal massage training started in 2013 at East West College of the Healing Arts. They have a beautiful campus, with knowledgeable experienced instructors, and a supportive staff. I resonated with how the 800 hours of training was divided into 4 terms using Deep Tissue technique as the core training of the program. The first term included the basic Swedish Massage and as our knowledge and understanding of the muscles and kinesiolgy deepened so did our techniques and training.


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