The Difference Between Spa and Medical Massage

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The Difference Between Spa and Medical Massage

The Difference Between Spa and Medical Massage

Are you wondering what is the differences of the massage given by the massage spa bend or and by the clinics, since both are administered by applying pressure to the body?

Let me tell you then that despite having a fair share of similarities, there are still significant differences between the two. It is also important to learn those dissimilarities for the sake of your health and wellness.

You might have figured out that the major distinctions generally lie in the purpose of the massage, yet it is also said the other factor is that the person might be looking for different other types of massage. Also, the objective of the massages might vary greatly as well.

Here are the other difference of Spa Massage and a Medical Massage:

1.    Addressing your needs by using different techniques

Even if massage spa bend or might feel exactly the same as the clinical ones, still its purposes and techniques may have huge differences. For example, you are experiencing body aches and you decided to visit a spa, then Swedish massage is the best technique to avail because it is basic and focuses on providing relaxation.

On the other hand, a medical massage may employ a larger scale of strategies like Trigger Point Therapy or Myofascial Release to give help in the healthy recovery of muscle.

2.    Knowing the Patient and Client Relationship

This gives a more defined explanation of the differences between the two. With the clinical massage, it is centered on providing you with medical needs and has dissimilarity on how the communication proceeds. Like for example, with medical massage, the physician may refer you and ask for certain requests to continue with the treatment.  Furthermore, your insurance company may cover your visits. While with a spa massage, it is expected to give an overall relaxing experience to ease your stress.

3.    Targeting Specific Circumstances

When it comes to the techniques, an additional aspect wherein the two types of massage differs with each other is how you want your session to be, based upon your needs. Let us say an athlete might look for a medical massage to handle a tough injury. Likewise, someone who suffered from a car accident may have different demands depending on the severity of the accident.

As a result of these differences, one of our massage therapists in Bend Oregon or the surrounding area will deal with your visits according to your specific needs. Even if most spa therapist is trained with the art of massage, our professional massage therapists have received additional training and experience that enables them to give advanced care for your health.

Lastly, despite their differences, still, both massage spa bend or and medical massage aims to provide their customers with a way to relieve body sores and other health benefits.

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