Most Famous Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

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Most Famous Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Most Famous Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

The main purpose of massage therapy bend or is to relax the tissues, enhance blood circulation and oxygen, and lessen the pain you are feeling. It requires rubbing and pressing of muscles and tissues using hands and fingers to remove tension, lessen stress, ease anxiety, improve sleep, and increase relaxation to the entire body, along with other great benefits. Nowadays, there are about 80 therapeutic massage therapy bend or styles that you can choose from.

There are several health benefits that massage can offer, not only does it relaxes your mind and your body, but also increases the release of toxins in your body that causes a number of health problems.

Here are the most famous health benefits of massage:

Help Ease Migraine

According to National Headache Foundation, there are about 28 million Americans who suffers from severe migraines. This is often triggered or intensified by stress and lack of sleep. Having massage bend or can help relax muscle spasms and trigger points; resulting in less stress, lower heart rate, ease anxiety and help improve sleep.

Better Posture

Being in front of your computer and sitting on your desk the whole day or doing tedious work can cause severe tension to your neck and body. Massage therapy allows the body to relax and loosen the muscles caused bad posture. This will help position the body in its normal and healthy posture

Lower High Blood Pressure and Better Blood Circulation

Therapeutic massage bend or helps improve blood circulation, develop body function and reduce blood pressure. According to a study conducted by  Biological Research for Nursing found; it is stated that people who had at least 3 times back massage for 10-minutes a week resulted to lower blood pressure compared with people who just relaxed for the same amount of time.

Lessens Depression, Anxiety and Improve Self-Esteem

In our modern world, simple things can now cause depression and anxiety. One of them is social media. It is proven in recent studies that it greatly affects one’s mental health, which causes lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression.

Massage therapy has already proven to help lower stress, banish depression and improve self-esteem. Studies prove that depression is often caused by chronic and active pain which leads to muscle tightness and severe discomfort. What massage therapy does is that it releases endorphins that boost the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. These “feel good” hormones help the body not just emotionally but also physically.

Chronic Pain Management

People who suffer from chronic pain usually seek massage treatment bend or to naturally improve their health. Massage can boost a person’s serotonin level that helps reduce body pain in a natural way. Massage therapy is considered as the best way to help relax the muscle and joints stiffness. It also lessens fibromyalgia symptoms; which is a chronic syndrome that causes pain, joint stiffness, extreme fatigue, interrupted sleep, headache and muscle spasms.

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