Why I’m The Best Massage Therapist In Bend, OR

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Why I’m The Best Massage Therapist In Bend, OR

Why I’m The Best Massage Therapist In Bend, OR

There are many massage therapists to choose from and some are very similar in style or training.  But what really separates the great massage therapist from the good massage therapist? I have four main areas that keep me in the “great” category.



  • Compassion
  • Schooling and continuing education
  • Focus
  • Self-care




So many moments in my life have been designed to bring me to this profession and practicing massage.  I always wished I would have went straight to massage school after high school, but I wasn’t ready. I needed events like supporting family members during there final transition stages and going to college to help round and shape the person I am.


Schooling and Continuing Education

East West College has a thorough program.  Starting at 800 hours of rigorous training in the core curriculum and offers hundreds of continuing education classes every year.  One of the distinguishing qualities in a massage therapist is a thirst for continuing education. A great massage therapist doesn’t stay stagnant.  A great massage therapist has a beginner’s mind perscpective. A perspective that is always learning, always open, and never closes in a “I know that” way.



My strength of focus on the person being treated is beyond compare.  I pride myself in a client-centered practice. Never will you wonder, “Is she checking her phone?” or “she seems distracted today”.   I am able to offer this level of focus because of the self-care I will talk about in the next section.



Saving the best for last, self-care is my number one feature that keeps me in the category of what it takes to be the best massage therapist in central oregon.  I’d like to share my favorite analogy (excerpted from ChrisKresser.com) to explain why taking care of ourselves is my top priority.

Imagine you are on an airplane with a small child.  The plane has just boarded and the flight attendant begins there demonstration of the in case of emergency procedure.  In that demo it is clearly stressed, you must apply your oxygen mask, before applying the mask on the child. Why? Why would they tell us to give ourselves oxygen first, before our young one?  

Is it because you might run out of oxygen before safely securing the mask on your child?  My theory and practice with self-care is we MUST secure or oxygen mask first in order to be our best self and serve others.  My practice of self-care and staying in tune with my body’s needs is my not-so-secret, secret in maintaining my ability to feel my best and serve central oregon as the best massage therapist East of the Cascades.