DIY Easy Full Body-Massage Guidelines

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DIY Easy Full Body-Massage Guidelines

DIY Easy Full Body-Massage Guidelines

Have you ever had a long day where some or all of your body hurt or was sore?  Here is a step by step guide to a do-it-yourself full body massage routine.  Use these tips and steps one at a time or all in one session to feel the benefits of a relaxing full body massage at home, or anywhere you need a little pick me up.

Head or Scalp Massage

You can easily feel refreshed and relaxed by massaging your scalp at any given time and place. All you need to do is to place the heel of your palms on both sides of your temples then push the scalp up, hold for a few seconds, and release. Do this by section until you have done your entire scalp. You can also use your finger tips for scalp massage, just imagine you are washing your hair and adjust the pressure to what feels good.

Face Massage

This massage is ideal if you are starting to feel a headache. With the use of your fingertips, lightly massage in a circling motion your hairline, eyebrows, your cheekbones, and lastly to whereyour jaws connect in front of your ears.. Carefully massage your ears and earlobes using your fingertips.  You have no idea how much tension resides in your face until you relax the facial muscles with a massage.

Hand and Forearm Massage

Have you been typing on your computer for a long time? What you can do is place one arm with the palm up on top of your thighs. With your other arm, push with the heel of the palm gradually along with your forearms towards your wrist. Repeat the procedure throughout your open palm, down to your fingertips, and to your thumbs. Do this process repeatedly or as needed.

Stretching the forearms, wrists and hands can also be beneficial after a long day at work or fun.  To stretch start by flexing your wrist toward your inner forearm and holding for 15-30 seconds.  Then alternate and extend wrist by sticking your arm straight out in front of you, bringing fingers back towards your shoulder and gently pull with your other hand the fingers until you feel a stretch in your palm and forearm muscles.

Shoulder and Neck Massage

The wrong posture when using a computer can cause the muscles on your neck and shoulders to be stiff. You don’t need any advanced neck massager bend or, you just have to relax your shoulders down and gently pull your chin towards your chest and stretch your neck. Now, place 2 or 3 fingertips at the back of your neck, to where it connects to your shoulders. Firmly press and hold your fingertips and release it when you feel that your muscles are more relaxed. Then, move slowly in circular motions on your shoulders Repeat this step as much as you need.

Lower Back Massage

Lower back stiffness or pain is a common problem for people. What you can do is to find a tennis ball, or anything that size, and place it on the floor. Lie on it, or you may put it between you and a wall. Carefully move your body up and down, and side to side, making sure that the ball massages the tight muscles of your back, just be careful and avoid the spine. Press on the ball, enough that you feel a slight pressure against the sore area. Do this for just a few minutes and do not overdo to avoid irritations on the tissue.

Thighs Massage

Relax your sore thighs from mountain biking or hiking all day by moving a tennis or golf ball on top of it. You may also use the heel of your palm to make circular motions on your thighs toward your knees. 

Another way is to lean forward and use the elbow to massage the thighs from the knee to the hip. Try massaging it in several angles until there is no more soreness.  A foam roller is also a good tool to use on your thighs to help relieve muscle tension.  Place the foam roller on the floor and hover over the foam roller on your hands and knees. 

Next place both thighs on the foam roller starting at  just above the knees and using your hands and arm strength pull yourself so that you are rolling your thighs over the foam roller.  Play around with allowing more or less pressure of your body weight to be placed on the foam roller until it feels slightly uncomfortable.  Caveat: you may look like a seal trying to pull itself up onto the beach 🙂

Feet Massage

Standing all day can be tough and can cause pain in your feet. When you get home, sit down on your comfy couch and roll a tennis or golf ball under your foot; there has to be a mild pressure and that all areas must be massaged including arch, toes, and heel. You may also sit with 1 foot across your knees, hold each toe, and massage for a few times in clockwise and counterclockwise movements. Bend and flex the toes carefully. Using both hands, hold either side of the foot and shake them back and forth.

Whether you are in need of a head, feet, shoulder, and neck massager bend or, then just try these easy to follow tips and give yourself a nurturing massage at home, office or anywhere you start to feel tension build up.

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